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We offer a wide and dynamic range of services for homes and commercial properties. As a local company, we are proud of our customer service track record. Clients from all sectors come back to us again and again for all their needs.

We work for schools in Oundle, Thrapston, Kettering, Corby and Wellinborough.


We offer a full rewiring service or part, depending on your needs which we can determine during a consultation. If you are having your business renovated, it’s an ideal time to review your current wiring setup.

We can provide a complete maintenance package to suit the requirements of your business, from emergency light testing through to a complete planned preventative maintenance schedule.




Our services include:

  • Electrical Installation Reports

  • Installation Wiring for IT Rooms

  • Emergency Lighting Installation

  • Emergency Lighting Testing

  • Office Lighting and Power

  • New Distribution Boards

  • Fire Alarm Systems Installation

  • Fire Alarm Testing

  • Data Installation

  • Maintenance and Fault Finding

  • Security Lighting

  • CCTV

  • PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing)

  • Electrical Installation Reports

  • Planned preventative maintenance




Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. It is critical to maintain these installations to ensure that the safety of users is not put at risk and that installations remain in a safe and serviceable condition.

It is recommended that Electrical installation condition reports or periodic inspection and testing is carried out at least every: 5 years for commercial properties.  This can either consist of a 100% inspection every 5 years or broken down to rolling programme of 20% inspections every year. Using the latter method ensures that the installation is checked once a year for faults.

Our Electricians will check the electrical installation against the requirements of BS 7671 - Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations) - as amended, which is the national safety standard for electrical installations.

Our report will include:

  • NICEIC Registration number as an approved contractor

  • Details of the client and installation

  • Extent and limitations of the inspection

  • Supply characteristics and particulars of the installation

  • Schedule of items inspected and tested

  • Schedules of circuit details and test results

  • Summary of the inspection and test

  • Observations and recommendations for actions to be taken

  • Signed declaration by RG & MF Sadler Electrical


Emergency Light Testing:

Emergency Lighting is a legal requirement in all premises where people are employed.  It is a Life Safety System and is required to guide the occupants safely out of the building to designated meeting points in the event of an emergency, e.g. power failure or fire.

It is not only the lighting that is mandatory but also the correct signage; this is over looked by my companies.

It is a mandatory requirement to comply with:

  • BS 5266-1:2005 Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises

  • The Building regulations 2000

  • The Fire Precautions (workplace) regulations 1997

Items to be tested

The emergency lighting system installed in your premises is required to be inspected and tested at the following intervals:

  • Daily

  • Monthly

  • Annual

RG & MF Sadler (Electrical) Ltd. offers inspection and testing services for 6 monthly and annual periodic tests. These are carried out for the full rated duration of your emergency lighting system, normally 3 hours.

During this test we ensure the correct operation of the emergency lighting system, the correct location of the fittings and that the correct signage is in place.

It is normal practice for the daily and monthly tests to be carried out by your in-house maintenance staff.



Fire Alarm Testing

The inspection and servicing should be undertaken by organisations with the appropriate competence. This can be assured by the use of organisations that are third party certificated.

Periodic inspection and testing

  • The period between visits to undertake inspection and service should he based upon a risk assessment but the maximum period between visits should not exceed six months.

  • The log book should be inspected

  • A visual inspection should be made to check whether structural or occupancy changes have been made that require changes to the fire detection and fire alarm system.

  • False alarm records should be checked and relevant action taken if necessary

  • Batteries should be checked and tested

  • Control panel functions should be checked and tested

  • Fire alarm devices should be tested

  • All fault indicators and circuits should be tested and checked

  • Printers should be tested

  • Other checks and tests recommended by the manufacturer should be carried out

  • Outstanding defects should be reported and the logbook completed and servicing certificate issued.

The recommended period between successive inspection and servicing visits should not exceed six months.


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